Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Eyes of Aidalor

Her eyes was the lake untouched
In some unknown wilderness
Clear and pacific and deep
He may lose his soul in it

Her eyes reflected Suns light
Blinding and glaring to his
And everyone succumb too
For clearest lake was her eyes

Her eyes that gained scrutiny
To the ones whose tastes are high
Judged more than its translucence
For there's another facet

Deep as its silence forewarn
Be careful not to gaze long
So you would not share his fate
Of drowning in its abyss

Lake of liquid diamond
That corrupted likes of him
Wanted an ounce for a sip
For knowledge of her allure

Revealing moons gleam at night
It became one of the stars
Nearest, loveliest to him
Who desired to own the lake

The lake; Its impermanence
Is for us to look into
No one can have dominion
To the eyes that was the lake

Thursday, February 12, 2009


A friend told me the past night
Of things he absorbed form class
We're seated on rusty roof
Under the Celestials that pass

I think its awkward to say
"the night was a sea of stars"
For he rendered a sermon
And i think that he's from Mars

At first, i tend to listen
But the stars stole my attention
He was talking to himself
Of things he never mentioned

My rudeness was just like that
For it is he i despised
His being and how'd he spoke
Triggered my hatred to rise

You want to know the reason?
Even though my angst's so grim
Mortal as infected sore
I still chose to talk to him

I listened though i was mute
Emotions to him came out
Swift as the bats fly by
The words rushed out from his mouth

I was never right nor wrong
He spoke of my offenses
That festered in his heart as
I spoke of my defenses

I thought i was in the light
My despisement has its source
On his open insolence
And his deeds and words so coarse

So in there we stayed for long
My despisement i said not
Peace it is that i wanted
But this hate will never rot

Noiseless was our wenting down
Reconciled, i guess were done
Though the war is won by none
Still the past cant be undone

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Friends, My Fiends

My friends, release me from this confinement
Pained i am in this undefined sorrow
And my weakly soul cringes on torment
Don't stray me in your folly tomorrow
Tonight's enough, your company made me
What i am now, the most disturbed being
The sailor who lost himself at sea
You all is the sea, the waves came splashing
Coming, ruining my thoughts and my life
Coloring dull the fantasies of mine
Straying me in this foolish shore and strife
Getting none, but a token; soul unfine
My friends, my fiends you can now release me
Pained i am in your folly; waves at sea